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Let me introduce my self quickly, 

I'm Prasiddh Narayan Upadhyay.The part-time Blogger

I'm a 23-year-old part-time blogger who loves to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I'm from Gorakhpur (U.P) and by qualification, I'm still a student but a passionate blogger  by heart.

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Ourhindi is the blog that guides you to become a better blogger, . In this blog, we talk about Blogging, technology, Mobile trick, computer, and much other stuff that can help you to start in this online world and grow your blog like a skyrocket. 

This website helps you to seriously grow your and help you to generate the right amount of money (but If you work hard and we don't share any quick rich schemes).

You know that in 2019 blogging has become, so tuff so to stick in this, you need some robust strategies which will work for you.

         Why I started this blog?

After making many profitable blogs, I think to start helping other bloggers to scale there blog, and also I want to share my blogging experience with this blog so other bloggers don't make the same mistake and grow fluently

About us:-

If you are looking for any other query, you can mail me 

Name -  Prasiddh Narayan Upadhyay

City-    Gorakhpur

State -     U.P

Gmail -  prasiddh2017@gmail.com

Website -  http://www.ourhindi.online

Thanks for reading my story and giving your precious time to us.

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